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*** 1994 - 1995 ***

New to Canada, Lily learned about Canadian culture by touring, modeling and volunteering.
Her first venture as an entrepreneur was introducing BC wines to China for the first time.

Dove Global joined Team Canada in Aug 1994, visited Shanghai and showcased a BC winery.
Left: Lily, Becky & Mike Harcourt (Primer of BC), Don Harvey, consultant.
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Lily and Becky showing off world winning wine from the Okanagan.



Lily was presenting a bottle of BC wine to Roger, the beverage manager of the Portman Shangri-la Hotel with me in Shanghai.


Lily with this god of knowledge in Shanghai.





*** 1996 - 1998 ***

Lily was operating the airport restaurant at Penticton BC. It was known as "The Flight Deck".
Running business and establishing public relations was glamorous and a lot of work yet was very rewarding and satisfying.
" Do you know any of my customers? - Lily "

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*** 2001-2002 ***

The unforgettable days at Royal Roads University

At Royal Roads, Lily led a busy life, attending classes, doing homework and studying to become one of the best MBA students. In addition to her schoolwork, she also worked as a student AV and volunteered on weekends as a tour guide for this historical campus Hatley castle. On average every night she slept only 4 to 5 hours.



*** 2003-2006 ***

Photos of Lily doing projects in USA

" The fun part was observing and talking with people. And the the best part was to test drive the Thriller as a guest. - Lily "



*** 2007 - ***

Prior to Aug 2008, Lily's publicity as a prospective candidate for Federal Liberal Party, see News and Events.

Other selected photos recorded the moments that Lily travelled through towards her Destiny :

Moments of Fun Time in China/ Canada_past, today and destiny Mixed Moments of Fun and Meaningful Moments of Birthday Parties in Canada

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The Basi trial
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National Rules for the Selection of Candidates for the LP of Canada, 2007

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