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Liberal MP Stephen Owen stepped down Friday, leaving the Vancouver-Quadra seat vacant. Owen, the Official Opposition critic for democratic reform, first announced his intention to resign on Feb. 5.

He was elected to Parliament in November 2000, and re-elected in June 2004 and January 2006. He served in the cabinets of both Jean Chrétien and Paul Martin.

He will assume his new post as vice-president, external and community relations at the University of British Columbia on Aug. 15.

In a letter to constituents posted on his website, Owen said both he and his wife Diane, "are deeply honoured to have had the opportunity to represent you in Ottawa, and will always treasure the experiences and friendships of this part of our lives."

According to the letter, Chief Opposition Whip Karen Redman will be the designated MP for the constituency until a byelection is called.

The prime minister has 180 days to call a byelection in the traditional Liberal stronghold, which must occur at least 35 days after the call. The Liberals will be running former B.C. cabinet minister Joyce Murray.

Other candidates include technology consultant Dan Grice for the Green party and UBC student Rebecca Coad for the NDP. The Conservatives will soon choose a candidate between UBC commerce professor Deborah Meredith and BC Cancer Society chairwoman Mary McNeil.

                                                  Article _ Six MPs resigning since January 2007
Owen joins a growing list of resigning MPs. There are currently five vacant ridings, and one other MP has indicated that he will resign his seat by the end of the summer.

Liberal MP Jean Lapierre resigned Jan. 28 to pursue a career in television.
Bill Graham announced he would not seek re-election on Feb. 22, resigning on July 2.
Jim Peterson resigned effective July 12. Gary Merasty will resign on Aug. 31.
Bloc Québécois MP Yvan Loubier resigned on Feb. 21 to run in the Quebec general election.
Source: Last Updated: Friday, July 27, 2007 | 2:18 PM ET CBC News

     Article _ There's big fish in the west coast Liberal pond
        Source: PETER O'NEIL, Sun Ottawa Bureau Published: Wednesday, November 29, 2006

MONTREAL _ B.C. has rarely been viewed as a rich spawning ground of key party players coveted by endorsement-seeking leadership candidates. But with the province emerging in recent years as a key strategic beachhead in western Canada for the Ontario-centric party, some top west coast organizers and candidates are now viewed as prized catches.

Here are the perceived big fish - along with more than a few minnows -- in the west coast Liberal pond, according to tallies on candidate websites and the the websites of the perceived top four candidates - Michael Ignatieff, Bob Rae, Gerard Kennedy and Stephane Dion.

                                - IGNATEFF-                                    

Betty Aitchinson, Riding President - Kootenay-Columbia

Mindi Cofman, former Finance Chair - Liberal Party of Canada (British Columbia), former President - British Columbia Women Liberal Commission.

Adrienne Cousins, Vice President (Policy) - Young Liberals of Canada (British Columbia)
Sukh Dhaliwal, MP Newton - North Delta

Geoff Fleischer, Former Provincial Director, Young Liberals of Canada (British Columbia)

Paige Gibson, Secretary - Young Liberals of Canada (British Columbia)

Dove Hendren, Former President - Liberal Party of Canada (British Columbia), Former President - British Columbia Women Liberal Commission, Past President - Vancouver Island North Riding Association.

Jack Hittrich, Riding President - Newton-North Delta

Marcel Juneau, Riding President - Pitt Meadows-Maple Ridge-Mission

Grand Chief Doug Kelly, Grand Chief - Sto:lo Tribal Council

Surjit Kooner, Past Candidate (2006) - Surrey North

Jacques Leger, Riding President - New Westminster-Coquitlam

Patrick Maloney, Former Advisor to the Hedy Fry Leadership Campaign, Past President - Vancouver Center Riding Association

Keith Martin, MP Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca

Mark Masongsong, Vice President (External Affairs) - Young Liberals of Canada (British Columbia)

Jim McMurtry, Past Candidate (2006) - South Surrey-White Rock-Cloverdale

David Oliver, Past Candidate (2006) – Abbotsford

Stephen Owen, MP Vancouver Quadra, former cabinet minister

Al Payne, Executive Director - Newton-North Delta Riding Association

Ross Priest, Mayor of Cranbrook, Past Candidate (2004) - Kootenay-Columbia

Mary Pynenburg, Past Candidate (2006) - Burnaby-New Westminster

Kim Richter, Councilor - Township of Langley, Past Candidate (2004) – Langley

Myra Sweeney, Past Candidate (2006) - 2006 Chilliwack-Fraser Canyon

Jason Walker, Riding President - Esquimalt Juan de Fuca

Patricia Whittaker, Past Candidate (2006) - Delta-Richmond East

Blair Wilson, MP, West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country

Bennie Yung, Membership Chair - Liberal Party of Canada (British Columbia)


Senator Jack Austin

Manjit Bal - President, Vancouver South Riding Association.

Bill Brooks - Liberal Party candidate for the riding of Langley

May Brown - Former city councillor, Vancouver

Herb Dhaliwal - Former Liberal Party MP for Vancouver South, Minister of Revenue, Minister of Natural Resources, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans

Ujjal Dosanjh -Liberal Party MP, Vancouver South, former Minister of Health, former premier of B.C
Hedy Fry -MP Vancouver Centre

David Gray - President, Mill & Timber Products Ltd.

Dave Haggard -Former Liberal Party candidate, former president, Industrial, Wood and Allied Workers of Canada (IWA).

Senator Mobina Jaffer, Q.C.

Mason Loh Q.C. -Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Hon.), community leader.

Mike McDonald -Founder, Rosedeer Strategies Inc., long-time Liberal organizer

Pamela McDonald -Senior Director, Public Affairs, Telus, former B.C. advisor to Jean Chretien.

Rob Mingay - Vancouver Business Owner and former Press Secretary to Ed Broadbent.

Mietta Pagella - Sidney, B.C

Clark Roberts - Liberal Party Candidate, 1997, Saanich-Gulf Islands.

Patty Sahota - Former B.C. Minister of State

Brian Scott - Former Liberal Party candidate, Nanaimo-Cowichan.

Alan Shuster - Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Blast Radius.

Bernie Simpson - MLA, 1991-1996, Vancouver-Fraserview.

Clive Tanner - MLA, 1991-1996, Saanich North and the Islands.


Raymond Chan, MP, Richmond

Larry Campbell, Senator

Sterling Campbell, Former Ontario Liberal MPP, Riding President, Vancouver Island North

Craig Munroe, Riding President, Vancouver Quadra

Parveen Sandur, Riding President, Okanagan - Coquihalla

Tar Bing, Riding President, Nanaimo Alberni

Gurdev Dhillon, Riding President, Burnaby New Westminster

G Stephen Kukucha, Campaign Director, British Columbia (1997), Executive Director - BC Minister's
Regional Office, Senior Policy Advisor, Minister of Environment

Greg Elzinga, president of the Vancouver Centre Liberal Electoral District Association

Gurbax Saini, Past Candidate, Cariboo- Prince George

Dale Flood, Former LPCBC Executive Director

Bruce Young, Former Senior Advisor (British Columbia), Office of the Prime Minister

Thomas Marshall, former Outreach Director, LPCBC

Jim Mitchell, Past Candidate, Vancouver Island North

Chanchal Bal - Gerard Kennedy Co-Chair BC

Coco Lefoka, YLCBC President

Jen Hatton, Gerard Kennedy Co-Chair BC

David Brodie, Former Senior Special Assistant (Northern and Western Canada), Office of the Prime Minister

Kuldip Singh Jhand, LPCBC Nominations Chair

Cameron St. John, LPCBC Policy Chair

Braeden Caley, VP Internal of the Young Liberals of Canada (BC)

Dean Crawford, Former Senior Advisor, Office of the Minister of Justice

Jatinder Sidhu, Riding President - Abbotsford, Past candidate - Dewdney Alouette

Prem Vinning - Past Candidate, Surrey North

Steve Vander Wal, former Senior Advisor to the Federal Environment Minister and
Former Senior Advisor to the B.C. Minister of Health

Justyna Jonca, former Senior Advisor to the Leader of the Government in the Senate

Tex Enemark - former federal Liberal candidate, Vancouver Centre

Ian McKay - former Senior Policy Advisor, Minister of Industry

Doug Leung, Federal Liberal Campaign Manager, Vancouver Quadra (2000, 2004 & 2006)

James Hatton, Secretary, LPCBC

Neil Sweeney, former Legislative Assistant to the Federal Minister of Finance and former Deputy
Chief of Staff to the Premier of BC

Mike Brooks, former director of Liberal Caucus Research, Victoria

Bud Hoffard, Riding President, Richmond

Ivan Curman, Riding President, Vancouver-Kingsway

Marcel Juneau, Riding President, Pitt Meadows- Maple Ridge- Mission

Shannon Salter, LPCBC Communications Chair

Blanche Juneau, Past Candidate, Pitt Meadows- Maple Ridge- Mission

Shelby Caravetta, VP Services of the Young Liberals of Canada (BC)

Scott Ross, President of the UBC-Okanagan Young Liberals

Taylor Biggs, President of the UBC Young Liberals

Sana Shahram, Past President, UBC Young Liberals

Shasta Benhaim, VP Internal, UBC Young Liberals

Laura Holvor, VP Communications, UBC Young Liberals

Adam Trombley, VP Finance of the Young Liberals of Canada (BC) and Past President, U of Victoria Young Liberals

Matt Stickney, VP Finance, UBC Young Liberals

Brent O'Connor, VP, UBC Young Liberals

Angela Crimeni, VP Membership, UBC Young Liberals

Rajinder Sandhu, VP Membership, Young Liberals of Canada (BC) and President, SFU Burnaby Young Liberals
Aadil Jesani, President, SFU Harbour Centre Young Liberals

Kam Kaila, President, SFU Surrey Young Liberals


Jivan Basra, BC Dion Campaign Co-Chair

Doug Beaton, former LPCBC Executive Director

Nathan Bauder, past candidate, Prince George-Peace River

Marlene Brayne, Nominations Co-chair 2004 BC Election Campaign

Denise Brunsdon, former YLC National Director

Kevin Chalmers, Past Chair, De-Elect Emerson Committee

Bruce Clark, LPCBC Finance Chair

Sue Cooper, former LPCBC Organization Chair

Bill Cunningham, LPCBC Past President

Ivan Curman, President, Vancouver – Kingsway

Rod Drennan, President, Okanagan – Shuswap

Jamie Elmhirst, LPCBC President - Jamie Elmhirst, President Liberal Party of Canada (BC)

Bob Fearnley, City Councillor, North Vancouver

Kathy Fergeson, former head of BC Nurses Union

Chris Greer, President, UVic Campus Club

Keith Henry, past candidate, Pitt Meadows - Maple Ridge – Mission

Forrest Parlee, Former President, YLCBC

Gordon Stamp-Vincent, past candidate, Skeena - Bulkley Valley

Daniel Lee, President, Vancouver East

Sabrina Loiacono, VP Finance, Young Liberals of Canada

Maureen Lyons, Former President LPCBC

Karn Manhas, former BC MLA

Senator Len Marchand

Mark Marissen, BC Campaign Co-Chair 2004 & 2006

Bruce Martindale, President, Skeena - Bulkley Valley

Adam Miron, President, Thompson Rivers University Campus Club

David Mulroney, past candidate, Victoria

Bert Paul, Federal Liberal Agency

David Perry, past candidate, Okanagan – Coquihalla

Andrew Philips, Youth Chair Burnaby-Douglas

Lorne Phipps, former YLCBC President

Meghan Pritchard, former YLCBC Provincial Director

Ann Tautz, former LPCBC Secretary

Lou Salley, key BC Chrétien Leadership organizer

Jagdeep Sanghara, former LPCBC Membership Chair

Don Silversides, former LPCBC Vice President

Doug Symons, former BC MLA

Roop Virk, former LPCBC Policy Chair

Joel Whittemore, former LPCBC Treasurer

Ann Wicks, former Senior Advisor to Minister of the Environment

Mike Witherly, former BC advisor, Office of the Prime Minister

Rhoda Witherly, former candidate, Skeena

Anthony Wittrock, Youth Chair Fleetwood-Port Kells

Simon Yu, past candidate, Cariboo-Prince George

Adam Tromblay, Young Liberal executive member

Ginger Gosnell-Myers, National Aboriginal Peoples Commission

Cathy Ferguson, Former President B.C. Nurses Union

Peter Yung, President Burnaby Douglas riding association

Eugene Hodgson, Vice President, Sea Breeze Power Corp.

Jim Stewart, 2006 Candidate in Nanaimo-AlberniI

Bill Profili, Candidate in BC Southern Interior

                                                                         In the Office

As the secretariat of the federation representing 308 federal electoral districts, the national office is the heart of the organization. It acts as a service bureau for the constituencies, Provincial and Territorial Associations, National Caucus, the National Executive and its various Committees and Commissions. As such, it also acts as a clearing house for intra-party communications and initiates national programs and activities.

In addition, the national office organizes national conventions and conferences, conducts federal by-elections, and prepares for and helps conduct federal general elections. In carrying out these responsibilities, the national director and the staff work under the direction of the Party's National Executive and provides support for the work of the Standing Committees and Commissions of the Party.

Liaison with constituency associations and their members, and with all the other levels of the Party, is aided by an extensive communications program and the provision of extensive information and printing services to members of the National Liberal Caucus.

Direct mail fundraising is conducted by national office staff who work closely with members of the National Executive committees and the private sector. The staff of the Federal Liberal Agency of Canada, which is the receipting arm of the Party, also work out of the national headquarters.

Federal election campaigns transform the national office into a headquarters for the coordination of the national campaign. This involves special responsibilities for such activities as the Leader's campaign tour, national advertising, constituency service programs and the operation of the Speaker's Bureau. In preparation for an election, much work is done analyzing election data, preparing instructional material and developing campaign training programs.