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                                  Ravinder Rakhra | Dr. Miriam Yu | Event participants| Ceremony Master
Proclamation from Mayor of Burnaby will be revealed and be read at the event
Messages of International Women's Day from following government leaders were read at the event

  * Mayor Derek Corrigan of City of Burnaby - Arrived.
  * Mayor Wayne Wright of City of New Westminster - Arrived.
  * The Hon. Rick Thorpe Minister of Small Business and Revenue - Arrived.
  * The Hon. Carole Taylor Minister of Finance - Arrived.
  * The Hon. BC Premier Gorden Campbell - Arrived.

Sample of the music performance by three artists among Golden Pearl Ensemble: Zhimin Yu (ruan), Liu Guilian(pipa), Jirong Huang (erhu) Silk Road Music: Qiu xia He (pipa), Rong Jun (erhu), Andre (guitar)
Door Prizes for participants will be memorable - At the end of the event prizes and After Event Prizes

We welcome participants to give a short positive note or and a small gift item at this event.
It goes to women at   Mother's Centre and Women's Shelter.  
Let's lead one another, work together to make this world wonderful.

               May All Women Be Healthy Beautiful & Successful
!   - Lily Harvey

Ravinder Rakhra
Office of Small and Medium Enterprises (OSME)
Public Works and Government Services Canada(PWGSC)
Pacific Region.
Ravinder Rakhra is the Acting Regional Director in the Office of Small and Medium Enterprises (OSME) with Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC), Pacific Region.

Ravinder has been with PWGSC since 1990 and has a varied background with the Department. She has an academic background in finance and strategic planning and holds a Bachelor of Commerce and an MBA from the University of British Columbia, as well as a Certificate in Conflict Resolution from the Justice Institute of BC.

In her current role, Ravinder is responsible for engaging, informing, and advising small and medium enterprises (SMEs) who are interested in doing business with the federal government. Working with individual businesses, trade, professional and industry associations, academics, non profit, and aboriginal groups the regional office provides information sessions, advice, and support to suppliers, contractors, and professional service providers. The regional OSME is also an advocate for SME issues and provides input to federal procurement policy that responds to SMEs and regional issues.

Topic: How to effectively access the Acquisitions Channel
                    - Make sales to government
Dr. Miriam Yu
Chinese Cultural Centre
of Great Vancouver











Dr. Mirian Yu is a marvelous inspiration to all women. She received early education in Nanking, Macau and Shanghai. Graduated in Lingnan University with a BA in Sociology. Her teaching career started at St. Frances Canossian College, HK in 1950. Among her many academic achievements, Dr. Yu obtained a PhD in educational Phychology in 1972 with the American Association of University Women International Fellowship and a grant for her dissertation.

She started her teaching career in Canada since 1972 at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada. She had been visiting professor in Columbia University, San Francisco University, East-West Centre of Hawaii University, Stanford University and London University in England.

Her research interest has extended to Cross-cultural, Ethnic and Women studies, Edited and published three books, presented numerous papers and conducted many workshops in professional organizations, served on the editorial advisory board of Multiculturalism, and as a publication chair of two local ethnic newsletters.

The list of her professional memberships is long – ICP, APA, CPA, NCSS, CSSE, CASA and CCMIE. Just name a few of the leadership roles that she took: Federal appointment to serve in Canadian consultative council on multiculturalism, Canadian multiculturalism council, advisory committee on citation for citizenship award; Provincial appointment to serve as commissioner Newfoundland and Labrador Human Rights Commission.

Retired in 1995, Dr. Yu has been serving as an active volunteer in BC senior’s advisory council, public guardian and trustee of BC Vancouver Special Advisory Committee on seniors, Cross-cultural Senior Network Society, Chinese Cultural Centre of Great Vancouver, Alzheimer society of BC, Chinese Community Policing Centre and Lingnan Elder College.

At leisure she was fond of Chinese painting. Her work had been exhibited in HK, London, Ann Arbor and Vancouver. She also loves Chinese Poetry, cooking and travel.

Topic: A few Words to Women
                               Apply Chinese wisdom to lead a balanced life
                        - being successful and being respected in business and                 - being helpful to the society and being an inspiration to others
    The enchanting words to women will be revealed at the event!
Photos will be posted
after the event
Speakers from the event participants
Topic: Message from participants to women
Lily Harvey   Mech. Eng. MBA, PMP
 Immigration Consultant Diploma

Chairwan of International Women's Day Event 2008

President of
Dove Global IC Ltd.
Dove Global Specializing in:

· Promoting international cities |    communities

· Public Relation Service for all    governments

· Immigration Consulting Referral    Service

· Legal/policy files translation

· Project management training for    PMP exam

· Importer of Electronic Scooters


Lily Harvey, an immigrated from China as a mechanical engineer, an MBA from Royal Roads in 2002 founded Dove Global IC Ltd., with a global vision of bridging the business/culture gap between China, Canada and USA. To best describe her here is what the President of University of Ontario Information and Technology, Dr. Ron Bordessa says: “As a person Lily is very outgoing and positive, full of ideas and committed to both the growth of this institution as well as her own personal growth. Lily is ambitious and matches hard work – a winning combination which I anticipate will carry her a long way in her career.”
More about Lily visit her website.

               Message From Lily Harvey
Building a Great Wall must start from the first brick, a great day to celebrate Women's Day will start from you and me at this event, let's mark this day of each year as the milestone to review, reconnect and set new goals. May everyone attend this event will bring good luck back and spread the good luck, happiness and abundances!

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