Don Harvey Passed Away on Jan 24th 2010 around 11pm See notes.

Lung Cancer Support Meeting Updates from Don's supporters
Family and Friends

To heal -> to overcome-> to total recovery.

"You have healing power !"
- Buddha, Jesus, All Angels

Monthly Support Meeting Update & Don's Findings

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July 25th - Complementary Medicine and Cancer 101 Seminar

Topic: Laying the Foundation for Patients to Make "Good" Decisions
Participant Objectives for the Day at the end of the seminar:
1. Identify CAM therapies that may be helpful in cancer, based on current scientiffic evidence
2. Undestand how to make evidence-informed decisions about CAM therapies
3. Locate credible sources of CAM information
4. Understand the importance of monitoring and evaluating CAM use
CAMEO Team Objectives for the Day:
1. Learn how an education session helpspeople living with cancer in making decisions
about CAM therapies
2. Know what parts of the education session are helpful and what parts need to be improved.

Overall impression from the audiances: Well prepared, well conducted, much needed educational seminar for Cancer patients and care takers.

Participant's wish for next seminar: More findings on Food healing agents.

* The most useful decision making tool is SCOPED + 1, 2, 3 - Situation/Choices/Objectives/People/Evaluation/Decision+Choice/Goal_1,2,3

* The most powerful take-control method: SELF-monitor/record/review
->scientific evidence based conclusion -> "Good" decision.

More detailed contents, information and valuable scientific data, please visit


June - Discussion topic:
How is the Cancer effected your relationships? The positive notes:

Relationship was Enhanced
The people were not close showed up for support
"I " became more patient and more appreciative attitude..
"I" am upset that some "closed friends" desapeared - find who is and who is not your true friends is not a bad thing at all... - Lily

Don is trying to find more on Polymyalgia Rheumatica, which he is currently suffering pain... Here are some links from google search:

Useful General Links and Contacts on treating Lung Cancer:
Call: 811
Relaxation Program Tel: 604 877 6000

More photos will posted to remember Don



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