Gazed at the beam of light, with peace & love, surrounded by his loved ones, Don passed away on Jan 24th 2010, around 11pm, at age of 75.
Dedicated to Don and his new friends in heaven:

This Site was constructed in 2007 to support Don overcome stage-4 lung cancer. Cancer was not the cause for his passed away, COPD with lung infection underlying with weakened body of no food (He was advised "Nothing by mouth" since Jan5, 2009, by doctors at VCH due to risk of aspiration concern); cancer had been inactive since his radiation on neck in April 2007'. In this sense, we see the light that human can live harmony with Cancer should Cancer be kept calm.

To preserve the fond memory of Don, to remain the info and web links collected through Don's Journey of overcome Cancer then COPD helpful to those friends who have been benefit the wealth of healing information, I will keep this site alive. Gradually I will post some of the photos of Don for family and friends in Canada and China; for his associates in aviation, healthcare board and communities that he lived in Canada, and his students from Beijing Foreign Affairs and Suzhou Medical College and some medical professional friends through my family.

The Don that people in China, Okanagan BC and Vancouver got to know, was a man that reminds us Dr. Norman Bethune; a man reminds us what dove represents. He has been a great mentor, inspiration and great friend to many met and got to know him. He is missed and loved deeply and he will be always a joy for us to remember him.

- Lily Harvey


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To heal -> to overcome-> to total recovery.
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You have healing power:
Look at his PET, remember it and pray your healing power to shrink all cancer cells in those back spots & disable all cancer cells.

According to Buddha, each of us has healing power when we sing:
"nan wu er mee tu fu" or

with a thought of healing someone; same time this good deed also preventatively heal the prayer; abundant bless to the prayer and prayer's next life when the cure achieved.

Find some tips from Lily's findings listed at

Want to learn about staying well through preventative action?
Following Links contain tips of healing.

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28 Fruits' File
- Posted Oct 11, 2009
How to combat Cancer with life style

-Posted May14,2009
The Buddha's healing source:

- posted April 2009

General Healing Introduce to Chinese Herbs
About Chinese Herbs FiveOrgan_Heart/Liver/Lung/Kidney/Spleen
Chinese Herb Safety Timing effects in taking herbs
Five Elements YangQi (Energy)_Moxibustion
The antitoxidants suppliment
Don and Lily are taking Maxgxl since Nov. Then Don stopped using it.
Don started to use it again in April.
New info on Max producet see link2

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New: Don's PhotoGallery
More will be posted. See above
Xmas-Day 2009 at VCH 12th Fl. of JPP Building. Merry Xmas and kisses to his Loved ones afar.
Sept. 2009, as afternoon routin, Don often came to DoveGlobal to read his book and share his ideas. (click on it to see larger one)
Previous Xmas with his Van. extended family
Santa Don in Dec. 2007
Surrounded by angels
CT scan in Apr. 2007
PET image in Apr2007 was Took off on Jan 27. Notes stays:
Each Prayer Does Heal...

Some of the black spots have cancer, please focus your healing prayers on those spots! Thank You!

April 14, 2008 
CT scan again

Jan - Mar, 2009 
CT scan again Report: "No cancer spots detected at the lungs
"... "the recoverying is improved regardless the SOB ocurred since 2009"

Now let's work on remove SOB (short as short of breath)


Recorded and updated with love and healing power, by: Lily Harvey