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Lily Harvey has more than 20 years experience, first in mechanical engineering, then in business development, management, and business coaching in business. Since 2005, her service enriched with mentoring and coaching project managment skills in today's eGlobal markets. Lily is an energetic professional who is results oriented, creative, adaptable and people-oriented.

Through her career in China, Lily excelled as a licensed Mechanical Engineer for a leading manufacturer of pressure valves serving the worldwide oil exploration industry with more than 2000 employees. With her design background coupled with her translation and negotiation skills, Lily demonstrated flexibility as a team player on significant export transactions.

During her 18 years in Canada, Lily has quickly adapted to the business and professional culture and brought her zest into her work as a business consultant/CEO and in her community as a board director. She was the first person to introduce and market BC VQA wine products to China. She revitalized an airport restaurant service in Penticton during a period of reduced flight schedules and labour unrest; She served as a board director for the Penticton Multicultural Society, Crime Stoppers, with the False Creek Community Centre, and as a volunteer with S.U.C.C.E.S.S here in Vancouver.

Lily earned an MBA at Royal Roads University in 2002, followed by Project Management Professional (PMP®) designation in 2005. She established her own consulting firm to provide strategic business and entrepreneurial consulting to clients in Canada, USA and China. Lily is skilled at assembling teams to assist clients with their marketing, export development and e-commerce needs across a range of industries including food and beverage, education, medical/dental, boat manufacturing, steel production, and biotechnical.

Lily provides her clients and colleagues quality and professionalism in service of their best interests. Lily has a sound understanding of cultural sensitivity, organizational behaviour and development, life-long learning and performance excellence, multiculturalism and harmony, further equiped with most updated advanced investment knowledge and skills.

These qualities and skills were driven by her zest to life and business - success in everything in life. As the President & Vice Chancellor Dr. Ron Bordessa has put this way: “Lily will be a great asset to whoever is fortunate enough to engage her services.”



Certificates of Cool Trader Pro Robotics Trading System Training signed off by Ed Barsano 2012 and 2013

Certificates of Advanced Real Estate Investments/Property Managment/Negotiations from TIGRENT, 2011-12

Certificate of Advanced Option Trade Course from Optionetics, 2006 and 2011

Certificate of Millionaire Mind Intensive Program from Peak Potentials, 2005 and 2012

MBA in Executive Management from Royal Roads University, 2001-02

Project Management Professional Designation from Project Management Institute, USA 2005

Immigration Consultant Diploma from Ashton College, Vancouver 2007

The Canadian Investments Funds Course from IFIC 2005

Mechanical Engineer designation from National Mechanical Engineer Institute P.R. China 1994

Diploma of Mechanical Engineering from Suzhou TV University, PR China 1984 - 1987


From most current to the very basics:

Inspiring, mentoring, coaching on manifesting personal development and business execution skills

Marketing, branding, network, leadership and strong project management professional skills

Business opportunity identification and risk/benefit analysis

Communication, collaboration, team consensus building and relationship development

Ability to write effectively, prepare reports and presentations to clients and boards

Business administrative and project management oriented logistics

Sound judgement in determine cause/effect and prioritizing precedence

Solid research and due diligence skills on any subject

Solid foundation in engineering, math and arts


Language Fluency

Mandarin and English


Career Experience

President / Consultant / Coach
Dove Global Investments Co. Ltd.
Vancouver, BC
2003 – 2007, 2008-2012, 2012/2013-

With her interest in networking her contacts, trade links, and management experience, in the past decade, Lily established this consultancy to assist Canadian, American and Chinese businesses to capitalize on new business opportunities. Now Lily is focusing on Project Management Coaching and Mastery Cool Trader Pro Robotics Trading System.

§ Helped Canadian clients in Education / Training businesses to explore markets in China. Successfully set-up contacts between my clients and key players in the City of Suzhou (pop. 5 million).

§ Assisted US clients to brand their businesses in China, with websites for US boat refitting and water tour businesses.

§ Researched North American market sectors and product procurement opportunities for Chinese companies interested in sulphur, waste management.

§ Developed e-marketing for North American products into the Chinese market including racing boats and BC wood products.

Political CandidateLiberal Party of Canada
Burnaby and New Westminster Riding 2007 – 2008

After Lily was approached by the Riding Association to canvass her candidacy for the Burnaby and New Westminster riding, she spent over a year developing her potential to be a political candidate through community liaison, organizing events and fundraisers, networking, and outreach for the party organization, and obtained an immigration consultant diploma which prepared her with necessary knowledge of the background of the history of Canada from the perspectives of immigration law and constitutions in Canada.

Student Services
Royal Roads University 2001 – 2002

While a student at Royal Roads University, she was a tour guide for the national historic site of Hatley Castle, and she coordinated audiovisual equipment and testing for classes and lecture podiums on a weekly basis.

President / Consultant
Dove Global Investments Co. Ltd.
Okanagan, BC 1998 – 2001

Focused on travel and introducing the Canadian business environment to small and medium businesses in China. Lily contacted more than 20 Chinese companies, and provided business information packages and contacts for their potential investment interest in Canada.

Dove Global Investments Co. Ltd.d.b.a. The Flight Deck Airport Restaurant
Penticton, BC1996 – 1998

Focused on revitalizing this 60-seat airport food & beverage service that was run down for years. Lily rebranded the business as The Flight Deck, revamped the menu, improved food quality and services, supported local food suppliers and producers, increased yearly profits and left behind a destination restaurant known to pilots, travelers and locals alike.

Export Consultant
Dove Global Trade Service
Okanagan, BC 1994 – 1996

As a member of the Team Canada Mission to introduce Canadian products to China in 1994, Lily was the first BC entrepreneur to introduce Canadian wines to China in 1994 with an initial order of 2000 bottles of premium VQA wine to a Chinese 5-star hotel.

August 1994, first time in history, leaders in both country toasted with BC VQA wines that were introduced by Lily, at the banquets in both Beijing (the capital of China) and Shanghai (the “Wall Street” metropolitan in China), where the milestones of significantly increased Canada-China Trade initiated with a historic toast.

Human Resources Manager
Suzhou Casino Corporation
China 1993 – 1994

Lily was selected from 1,000 applicants to join the 20-person team to set up and run the first casino in China. The casino business was completely new to government in terms of policy and procedures, so as the Assistant to the President, Lily was charged with implementing HR policies and procedures and overseeing staff to deliver a successful new government-approved venture.

Mechanical Engineer
Suzhou High and Medium Pressure Valves Ltd.
China 1988 – 1993

Following 2 years as a design engineer for high pressure valve castings for the petrochemical industry, I was selected to liaise between the Company President and the export division team of engineers, quality controllers and production scheduler to fill the company’s largest order - US$2 million of special production valves for the oil industry in Canada, the US and the Far East.


Reference Quotations

As a new Canadian Lily has adapted incredibly well and is now able to bridge Canadian and Chinese viewpoints with relative ease. In the MBA program Lily has performed a very important role in assisting students from China in setting and adapting to the demands of the Canadian educational system. There are very few students who can move back and forth between the cultures and assist others to appreciate the difference, as well as Lily can – she has been an exceptionally fine asset to us at Royal Roads University

As a person Lily is a very outgoing and positive, full of ideas and committed to both the growth of this institution as well as her own personal growth. Lily is ambitious and matches hard work – a winning combination which I anticipate will carry her a long way in her career.

Additionally, Lily has shown herself capable of throwing herself in at the deep end, ready to take risks: She is always willing to try new things, as a review of her career to date will show. Most importantly Lily has a great desire to keep learning new things – her strong effort to master project management is just an example.

Lily is one of those students who will be remembered long after she has moved on into her career. Always full of life and energy, she is a most charming person who is socially at ease in all situations – a gift which she uses to assist others feel at ease as well.

I am pleased to be able to write of Lily in such positive terms – There is much in her to be admired. Lily will be a great asset to whoever is fortunate enough to engage her services – and I wish her well.

Dr. Ron Bordessa
President & Chancellor
University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Note: Dr. Ron Bordessa was the Vice Preseident of Learning at Royal Roads University. Then he became the President and Chancellor of UOIT. Now he is retired and enjoying travels with his wife and both continue serve as guardians to higher education and people on their journey. His positive remarks upon my graduation has impacted me profoundly. It reminds me of what I can do to make a difference at work, at community, in Canada and abroad.


Lily has a creative, insightful approach to entrepreneurship, she is not afraid of trying out new ideas and looks for solutions that distribute the benefit. As a new Canadian, Lily has taken to heart the notion that every citizen has a responsibility to their community. Her energy and kindness have had a lasting impact on this university.

I know that Lily will be accomplished in any endeavour to which she commits herself and I wish her the greatest success upon graduation.

Michael O'Henry

Senior Staff of Learning Resource Centre of Royal Roads University

Note: Today, Michael is on another journey. His words have inspired Lily profoundly.


Certificates of Academic Achievements in Canada - Upon Request

Community Leadership in Canada

Running for Vancouver School Board Trustee as an Independant Candidate
With a team of 10 volunteer, generated 20314 votes, average 2000+/volunteer
City of Vancouver, Nov 2011
( Visit Vancouver Media Post Visit Website)

Celebrate BC 150th Birthday & Canada’s 141st Anniversary
Burnaby, May 2008
( Visit Website )

Panel Discussion About Canada’s International Role in World Peace
Burnaby, April, 2008
( Visit Website )

Celebrate International Women’s Day
Burnaby, March, 2008
( Visit Website )

Running for Federal Election Member of Parliament
at Burnaby New Westminster Federal Riding
Great Vancouver, 2007-08

VanCity Credit Union Board
Vancouver, Feb, 2007

Board Director
False Creek Community Centre
Vancouver 2005 – 2008

Volunteer Office Administrator
Vancouver 2003 – 2004

OkanaganCanadian Alliance Party, 1995-2001

Membership Chair
Okanagan Riding, Stockwell Day, MP and National Leader of Canadian Alliance Party, 2001

Board Director
Penticton Multicultural Society
Penticton 1996 – 1998

Crime-Stoppers Penticton 1997 – 2001
Member of Reform Party which became Canadian Alliance Party