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                                      Lily’s Personal Motto: Integrity, Kindness and Confidence!

  Lily was nominated as a Director at Large for National Women's Liberal Commission, BC Chapter, 2008 LPCBC Policy Convention

Please be noted : Lily's Prospective Candidacy period for Liberal Party of Canada in Burnaby New Westminster is March 1, 2007 - June 26, 2008     More on Review click on


Lily emigrated to Canada from mainland China in 1994 with a background in Mechanical Engineering. Lily was fascinated by the enlightened values of Canadian society and has a passion to bridge Canadian and Chinese cultures. In 1996, Lily founded Dove Global Investments Co. Ltd., a firm that provided operational management for a Penticton airport restaurant called the Flight Deck for three years.

Lily has provided consulting services in marketing and investments since 1998, she obtained a Master of Business Administration in Executive Management from Royal Roads University in Victoria in 2002. She expanded to Project Management training in 2003 and has a designation of Project Management Professional designation from the USA in 2005.
In March 2007, Lily was approached by members of the Liberal Party in Burnaby-New Westminster. After careful consideration, Lily agreed to put forward her name as a perspective federal liberal candidate for that riding. She has always been active in fostering multiculturalism and was an elected board member of the Penticton Multicultural Society prior to 1998, and the False Creek Community Centre since 2004. She considers bringing qualified immigrants into Canada and the international credential recognition as being of prime importance to our future and hopes to further this objective if elected to parliament.

To further develop her knowledge of the history of Canada and the immigration laws, as well as to better prepare herself for the coming federal election, Lily enrolled in an intensive immigration consulting diploma program in August 2007. On Dec. 21, 2007, she obtained the Immigration Consultant Diploma.

A new chapter begins in year 2008 - the Year of Rat!

Lily is fluent in English and Mandarin.