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At Event Prizes
     1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and -
Courtesy Coupon for all participants, volunteers and
sponsors to save 150.00 on purchasing an electrical
. Offer ends Mar. 31, 2008.
Thanks to volunteers!

Prize B1
              Prize B2
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                   Prize B3
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                 Prize J2, J3
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                      Prize F1
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                    Prize J1
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The finest Darjeeling First Flush tea courtesy of Lily Harvey, Chairwoman & Patrick Couling Tea
Year end clearance Call: 604 731 5658 or
Email: Patrick at Pcouling@telus.net
Use 2 tsp per cup. Water just below boiling. Steep 2 min.
Can be steeped twice

After Event Prizes will be listed around Mar. 15th Sat. 2008. Welcome to check back this page of Prizes Listing.

Many Thanks to At Event Prizes Sponsors
Prizes B1, B2, B3 are from -
Mr. John Schimm

Mr. John Schimm is a local investor, a former fundraising chair for the Burnaby New Westminster EDA.
Mr. John Schimm conducted women candidate search for the Burnaby-New Westminster Electoral District in 2007 where he found four prospective women candidates for federal liberal election. Lily Harvey remains in the race.

Prizes J1, J2, J3, F1 are from -
Dr. Yi Juan Liu

Dr. Liu is a very active and respected photographer in China. She has received many awards for her works from the Photography Associations of the City of Suzhou and the Province of Jiangsu. Her art has become collectible for many art lovers in China and overseas. Dr. Liu specializes in capturing the beauty and harmony of nature for enhancing home/office décor, and the prints portrait historical sites and ancient Chinese culture. Her works can be viewed at http://www.lilyharvey.info/DrLiu/Home.html

Who won At Event Prizes? They are:
Mr. Zheng Ming
Mr. Herb Gee
Mr. Herb Gee
Ms. Ling Ling Zhang
Mr. Frank Fan
Mr. Herb Gee
Ms. Bing Fu

After Event Prizes
8 and 9
After a third party draw prizes at front of Unique Store

Many Thanks to After Event Prizes Sponsors!

Prizes 1, 2, 3, 4 are from -
Dr. Yi Juan Liu


Prizes 5 and 6 are from -

Ms. Sidria J.F. Pony
Lennox Liquor Store
City Square Shopping Mall

Prizes 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 are from -
Mr. Joe Tang Manager
UNIQUE Nutrition Health Centre
City Square Shopping Mall (Map)

Prizes 12 is from -
Jin Zhang, Compser and Conductor

Who won After Event Prizes? They are:
Miss. Chelsea Lin
Dr. Don Harvey
Ms. Doris Chung
Miss. Georgette Monem
Harry Zhang
Jason Fan
Les Voros
Ms. Lily Harvey
Ms. Lucy Yeou
Ms. Rosemary Yu Xiu Wang
Miss Tina Wang
Ms. Wendy Holm

Many Thanks to our dedicated volunteers!
They are:
* Prof. Bert Schoner
* Dr. Don Harvey
* Ling Ling Zhang, Mech. Eng.
*Harry Zhang, Elect. Eng.
* Ariel (LingLing's 7 yrs old daughter)
* Georgette Monem MBA student
* Cordell Thiessen Security professional
* Bing Fu Lawyer from China
* Patrick Couling from Patrick Couling Tea and
a retired President of False Creek Community Centre
* Ms. Hong Fang Zhang Former Chinese Senator
* John Shimm Investor
* Ken Burgar Entrepreneur
* Frank Fan Real Estate Professional
* Herb Gee Entrepreneur
Jin (Jack) Zhang Music Director/Conductor
* Lily Harvey Entrepreneur

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